Submission Manager

NOTE! We are in the process of loading Version 3.0 to our own websites. Once we have finished testing, V.3.0 will be available. (Expected in April 2016!)

If you are using a 3rd party submission manager, or you pay monthly fees, or yearly licensing fees, you are already failing your writers! What happens 5 years from now when those companies you rely on are gone? You lose all your history, and data! Where will you be then?

Start doing things the right way, today. It’s fast, easy, and almost free. You pay one small fee to own the software, and you can use it forever. No more stress about relying on other companies. No more 3rd party companies that make you look like an amateur.

Submission Manager 2.0 is the choice of professionals.
“Hands down the best submission manager available at any price” Glenn Lyvers; Creator.