Step 1.

  • Create a database in your web hosting account.
  • Create a user with a password.
  • Add the user to the database (Full privileges)
  • Import the SQL file we supply.

Still not sure you can do it?

*Tested up to PHP 5.6.

Watch these tutorials with some installation tips and more insights into the features.

Video 1. Database setup:

Submission Manager 3.4 Setup Your Database.

Video 2. Setup configuration:

Submission Manager 3.4 Setup Configuration.

Video 3. Customizing your install:

Customizing Your Install.

Video 4. Features and options:

Features and Options.

Step 2.

  • Open the config file with an editor.
  • Set the values for the database you created.
  • Set your email SMTP data.
  • Set your password.

Step 3.

  • Change the welcome page and guideline information.
  • Upload all the files to your account.
  • Change the “upload folder” permissions to 755 or 777

Step 4.

  • Enjoy Submission Manager V3.4
  • That’s all there is to it!

Or contact us to install it for you. ($69.00 fee for full service.)