Integrated Email and Newsletters

Whether you want to email a newsletter to all your writers, or send a special note to just one, the built-in communication tools are perfect for you.

  • Newsletters address authors by name for a personal touch.
  • Give instant feedback when submissions are updated.
  • Choose to email all the writers in any particular issue.
  • Make private notes for staff.

Protect yourself against mistakes.

Does every staff member need full administrator access to all the powerful tools in your submission manager?

Set access privileges for administrators, editors, and readers. Everyone still has enough access to do their jobs, but some types of access are gently restricted to protect your writers, and your reputation. We’re editors too, and we know how risky it is to give full access to students or guest editors.

Everything is at your fingertips.

Submission managers do more than save paper; they should make your life easier, promote personal communication between writers and editors, and account for every submission instantly.

Search for any writer, or any submission, and those records are delivered to your screen instantly, including the date stamp, names, email address and status of a submission. No more looking through old issues. Have it all, right now.

Everything on time, every time.

Your slush pile is organized by the date submissions were made. Everything is date stamped. Nothing is lost!

Separate your submissions effortlessly into different categories you define.

  • Accepted
  • Rejected
  • Pending
  • First read
  • Second read
  • Held for the editor
  • Anything else you want.


Why choose our software instead of the other services? First, you would have to be nuts to use third party submission managers (the ones where they provide the service for you). What happens to your company if they go out of business? You are ruined! Using our powerful software gives you long-term stability, security, and allows you to maintain all your own data in your own hosting account with your website. You keep your own backups. You own your data and nobody can ever charge you for what belongs to you. Our software is the lowest priced, most powerful solution available. FREE with Discounted Journal Hosting. No pricing tiers or surprises! 

There are many more features, and you can see them for yourself! Click the YouTube video and watch a 20 minute tutorial showing the signup process for writers, and the many administrative tools. Of course you can add your own look and feel to the Submission Manager software, because it will blend into any website motif.

Other Features

  • Fast signup for writers with captcha and email authentication.
  • Writer history display.
  • New vollunteer reader feature.
  • Bio data collection.
  • Custom guidelines and welcome pages.
  • Standard messaging for acceptances (optional).
  • Custom editions tool.
  • PayPal integration for charging a reading fee (optional).
  • Writer validation tool.
  • Manage reading times.
  • Lost password utility.
  • Submissions by attachments or plain text.
  • Accept documents, movies, pictures, or music.
  • Calendar searches.
  • Writers can withdraw prior to acceptance.
  • Writers can edit submissions before acceptance and keep their place in the queue.
  • Multiple editor notifications.
  • Submissions sent direct to Kindle (optional)
  • CSS integration so the look and feel of Submission Manager can match any website.
  • Just imagine what we will add next!